Symptoms of Syringomyelia,

1010983_188374964661406_1370320118_nSymptoms of Syringomyelia (not limited to)
*Muscle weakness and atrophy, particularly in hands and arms
*Increased muscle tone (stiffness or spasticity) in arms and/or legs
*Abnormal curvature of the spine (scoliosis)

*Decreased feeling in hands and arms. Depending on extent and level of syrinx cavity, legs may also be affected. Sensation involved may be pain perception, temperature perception or position sense.
*Exaggerated sensation (hypersensitivity) in limbs, particulary arms

*Midline pain over the spine, particulary the thoracic are
*Burning pain in arms, over trunk and rarely, legs
*Join pain, particularly in shoulders

Sphincter Problems
*Urinary incontience, sometimes with spasticity of bladder
*Fecal incontience
*Male impotence

Autonomic symptoms
*Dysreflexia: wide swings in blood pressure, often accompainede by profuse upper body sweating
*Drooping of one eyelid
*Syncope (fainting or near-fainting), which is relatively rare

It is not uncommon for some of these symptoms to be worse on one side of the body.

A handbook for Patients and their families

Ulrich Batzdorf, MD, Editor


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