AZ Syringo Chiari Support Group Meeting

Our Fall meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 17th from 11:00 am. to 1:00pm. at St. Joseph’s Outpatient Rehab Building, Conference Room -114 W. Thomas Rd. Phoenix, 85013.
We are located @ 1 st. Ave. and Thomas Rd.- NW. Corner.

As the heading on this email reads, we are a support group for syringomyelia, Chiari, and related disorders, many of which were added to the rare disorder classification since the founding of our Group in 2000. There is a lot of information supplied from reliable sources within the sites we offer here and inquiries at our gmail address, We are also listed on ASAP and Conquer Chiari’s directory’s and receive calls from our referral numbers that are listed there.
We also offer two face book pages, one for syringomyelia and spinal disorders such as tethered cord, scoliosis,and other disorders only. The other is for Chiari, syringo and all its conditions, and if you would like to join either, just request on the fb pages: AZ Syringo Chiari Support Group or AZ
Syringomyelia Support. However, both are closed to AZ residents only at this time as we continue to grow within our own borders. There are three ASAP pages available also for Chiari and syringo patients to meet people with similar symptoms and many other online pages if you would like information.
Please join us for an informal get together on Thursday-17th! “Losses and Acceptance” in presentation by Dianna and Kathie, your hosts! Many new members have joined us since our last meeting in July and a few parents will attend whose children also have had surgery since the summer began and ended. We encourage all of you, longtime and newer members to gather together for two hours!

Exciting speakers planned for 2014, new year and new format, and any volunteers for planning board, are welcome! Please read the Conquer Chiari 2013 tribute to our AZ Walk!
Congratulation, Beth Wells and her volunteers!


About AZSyringoChiari

Support Group for rare neurological disorders.
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